You’re Being Gouged On Medicine You Already Paid For

You’re Being Gouged On Medicine You Already Paid For

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  1. Is the daily poster inherently biased in favor of the right? I don’t trust any article that immediately blankets as Democrats are doing something. Democrats don’t act in a unified fashion mostly so it’s usually safe to assume the article is right wing leaning.

  2. Corporate greed and funneling money up to shareholders is a huge problem in the US – the Pharma industry is guilty of this like so many other industries.

    But the idea that you’re paying twice is not quite right. Basic scientific research is absolutely paid for by your taxes. But taking a novel scientific finding and turning into an actual approved drug is quite challenging and takes years and and a huge commitment from scientists at companies. The vast majority of these efforts fail. Some early, some late. But most fail. And that process takes time and money.

  3. simple solution is to stop taking pharmaceuticals. i stopped taking any form of pharma about 25 years ago. just to point out in that time i have had colds and flu, cuts, broken bones, crush injury, concussion, joint and muscle injuries and infections… and still had no need to take any paramedicals.

  4. >Last week, we learned that Merck is planning to charge Americans 40 times its cost for a COVID drug whose development was subsidized by the American government.

    A drug that’s primarily used on horses and was cheap.

  5. You pay for parking at a business/event you already paid for.

    You pay for cable and get commercials.

    You pay for insurance and still pay when you need to use it.

    We’re getting ripped off errday errway

  6. Toxic corporate culture looking at bottom lines and chasing tail going nowhere fast is bi-partisan degenerate behaviour. There are actually more far-right corporate entities lobbying and meddling within big pharmaceutical companies when you look at it holistically in the world markets. Look at the pharmaceutical company defence against the opioid epidemic/crisis class action suits, for example.

    You can’t really talk about pharmaceutical industry without looking at the legal terms and conditions as well as the insurance industry as well. The lobbying & meddling of scientific research by front companies by evangelical corporate entities and those that are looking to monetize patient data and behavioural analytics for forecasting sales & target demographics should also be concerning to everybody as well.

  7. While the article contains some truths about the problem of drug prices in the US, it’s also clearly designed to crap on a few Democrats while ignoring the fact that neither party has done anything substantive to help its constituents with drug affordability. This is a huge problem that doesn’t get fixed with a partisan blame game.

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