White House to announce $1 billion purchase of rapid, at-home coronavirus tests

White House to announce $1 billion purchase of rapid, at-home coronavirus tests

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    >The U.S. has lagged behind several European and Asian countries in testing for much of the pandemic, with many Americans reporting in recent months that they have struggled to get testing appointments or purchase at-home tests. Public health experts faulted the FDA for not moving faster to expedite the tests’ availability.

    >”These tests are cheap to make — and there’s a lot of demand for it out there,” said Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. “The reason the market hasn’t worked is because the FDA has made it very difficult for these tests to get out into the marketplace.”


  2. “The administration is also aiming to increase free testing by doubling President Biden’s earlier commitment to expand the number of pharmacies in the federal government’s free testing program to 20,000, the White House official said. Biden last month announced a coronavirus response plan that envisioned a significant expansion of testing capacity.”.
    at what point is the administration going to stop putting so much burden on pharmacies? We are so overwhelmed with covid testing and covid vaccinations that we cannot safely fill your prescriptions anymore.

Passengers arriving on international flights go through COVID-19 testing at Terminal 3 at Pearson airport.

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