US passes 700K dead from coronavirus — more than the population of Boston

US passes 700K dead from coronavirus — more than the population of Boston

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  1. We’ve officially passed the death toll in the US for the Spanish Flu which was 675,000. Mind you our population in 1919 was 1/3 of what it is now. I actually read a book The Great Influenza in November just before Covid started. The book’s message was largely that it was not an if but a when another epidemic like the Spanish Flu would strike. The when turned out to be literally weeks from when I finished the book.

  2. Imagine the national outrage if a terrorist or a hostile nation destroyed the entire city of Boston. And yet it’s still “just affecting a few old and immunocompromised people it’s not a big deal.” I’m just so sick of this

  3. Why ya picking on boston?

    More than the population of wyoming!

    Never mind, nobody gives a shit about wyoming.

    Edit. Just read the top comment (and all the removed that followed)

  4. Keeping in mind the GLOBAL count just passed 6 million … Even if that’s a significant undercount the US is looking at roughly 10% of all deaths, while having only like 4% of the world’s population. And with highly advanced medicine, relatively speaking.

    We did *horrendously* here. All blame, from me, on previous admin and the disinformation guys. There was NO NEED for so many deaths.

  5. One of my co-workers who is in his 30’s in currently on a ventilator with kidney failure. He has already coded once. Meanwhile, some of my other co-workers have been looking up ways to get a fake vaccine card on the work computer. Smh.

  6. More Americans have died as a result of COVID-19 than the population of any one of the following:

    – Wyoming (state with smallest population)
    – Vermont (2nd smallest)
    – District of Columbia
    – Within the next 10 days: Alaska (3rd smallest)
    – Before the end of the month: North Dakota (4th smallest)
    – Nashville, TN
    – Oklahoma City, OK
    – Portland, OR
    – Las Vegas, NV
    – Within the next 10 days: Denver, CO
    – Before the end of the month: Seattle, WA (18th largest city)
    – The total number of deaths on both sides of the US Civil War, the bloodiest American conflict in history
    – The total number of American deaths in all other conflicts that American soldiers have been involved in over the past 250 years (minus the Civil War) **combined**.
    – The approximate estimated number of American deaths from the “Spanish Flu” epidemic of 1918.
    – Americans killed in auto accidents from about the year 2001 to present **combined**
    – Americans killed in commercial airplane accidents from about the year 1919 to present **x 58 times over**

  7. I fail to understand how a relatively rich country like the US has such a high death count, whereas countries like India and the entire continent of Africa, have much lower death counts (yes, even after accounting for government undercounting in India by a factor of 10).

    Can someone help me understand this?

  8. I couldn’t read the full article because of a paywall, but a quick Google search says Boston’s population is over 4 million. Anyone know where the difference in numbers is coming from?

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