Trump had to be stopped from appointing Ivanka to run the World Bank

Trump had to be stopped from appointing Ivanka to run the World Bank

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  1. I’ll never understand the “WHAT ABOUT HUNTER BIDEN” people, when Trump employed his entire family and took millions from Americans and funneled it into his family’s wealth.

    It’s insane that Trump will never face consequences.

    Our justice system is horribly broken.

  2. This is the kind of thing that drove me crazy when they were trying to push the Hunter Biden Nepotism story. 4 years of seeing Trump treat the whitehouse as a summer jobs program for his extended family. Good grief.

  3. I dont think people understand the context of how ridiculous this appointment is.

    The World Bank’s job is to give loans to countries and help “rebalance” their budgets so they dont suffer from rampant inflation or worse and is a “bank” in name only. They also then advise macroeconomic policy to help developing countries grow. They also provide funding for development projects and research projects and engage in knowledge dissemination but that isnt their main role.

    The employees consist almost solely of engineers or economists, of which the majority have at least a masters or PhD at minimum. Basically the basic employees consist of academics that have dedicated a significant portion to a specific study of developmental economics and competed with many others for the privilege of working in the World Bank. Rising the ranks would require building a network, having connections with other international organizations, etc.

    Appointing Ivanka as the head is literally the same as appointing a 5 year old to run a major corporation like Walmart. Not only does she have absolutely no experience or knowledge in development economics, she also has never indicated any interest in such activity (maybe some women empowerment initiatives but is she actively researching the best practices to address the issues or just throwing money at the problem?). Not only would Ivanka fail at the job, I doubt she would even be able to understand the points being discussed during meetings. And this isnt a knock to her intelligence, anyone off the street would literally have no idea what the discussion points given both how niche the required knowledge is and how advanced the discourse level is.

    Its also a stupid appointment from a nepotism stand point imo. Apart from the name (which would still pale in comparison to head of Microsoft or Secretary General of the UN imo), there is no benefit to the Trumps from Ivanka being head of the WB. The WB doesnt give out loans to individuals so the Trumps cant benefit there. The WB only deals with developing countries which isnt what Trump is interested in. Unless Ivanka approves a ton of infrastructure and housing projects and gives those contracts to Trump and friends, they dont directly benefit (Nevermind this is likely roads/housing for the needy which isnt exactly Trump’s wheelhouse).

  4. I wouldn’t trust this nitwit to run a sperm bank. But do not forget, Trump wanted her as his VICE PRESIDENT at the beginning, he had to be talked out of that.

    I cannot wait for these scumbags to go away.

  5. Do Republicans really not think it is/was weird/scummy that Trump was putting his family in all these positions? Like they can’t get over Hunter Biden who wasn’t even in a position of power, yet all the Trump children were in government positions and making massive amounts of money. The hypocrisy is insane

  6. But there’s still a coin shortage what did the Trumps do with all the coins?

    Did they ship them all to Putin?

    Did they gift them all to Moscow Mitch?

    Are they all in the pillow guys’ pillowcase?

    We need a coin audit!!!!

  7. Donald Trump had great ambitions for his family. Ivanka at the World Bank and why not his son-in-law Kushner at the IMF while we’re at it …

    Nepotism in all its splendor. Everything that Donald Trump loves.

    Fortunately for America, he is no longer in the White House. But the danger is still there for 2024.

  8. That’s not as bad as appointing Jared, who has zilch medical experience, zilch successful leadership success, who was a failed real estate businessman, as head of the corona task force.

  9. Even ivanka thought it was inappropriate. This dude is a greedy mofo, trying to install his own unqualified daughter to run the effing world bank. Why didnt he just nominate and appoint himself and get it over with. That’s the point isn’t it? This makes USA look so stupid corrupt and cavalier to our allies.

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