The Saudi royal family gave Jared Kushner gifts worth over $47,000 including 2 swords and a dagger, report says

The Saudi royal family gave Jared Kushner gifts worth over $47,000 including 2 swords and a dagger, report says

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  1. He was on WhatsApp with MBS

    Any other presidency and Jared Kushner, how in the fuck he had a role in the White House, how he had a critical role in our early battle against COVID, all the flaws in his security clearance form, or how his billion plus dollar debt for one of the worst investments known to humankind was magically covered would have been a large scale scandal. And by that I mean ANY of those things

  2. Gifts given to Feds by foreign governments belong to the state by law. I wonder if this is part of the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items that disappeared after the Trump cult left the White House.

    edit: read the article.. he ended up having to pay the US government back the full value of the items.

  3. Just look into Kushner and the building at 666 Fifth Ave. to see that Kushner is the gift that keeps on giving to the Saudi’s.

    The term that they use for people like Kushner is compromised.

  4. I sometimes wonder if people with this petty shit are for real. It’s like finding the speck of dust in one persons eye and not acknowledging the board protruding from another’s eye.

    Every politician I have ever seen or heard of is a hypocritical dirt bag. The exceptions to this is probably very few.

  5. This is how you can get little wannabe dictators on side.

    Hand them some trinkets and tell them how wise and powerful they are, and they’ll be changing USA policy for you as soon as possible

  6. This is a pointless article.

    Look, foreign governments make gifts All. The Time. They become the property of the US government. The person receiving the gift can purchase them from the US government at fair market value.

    They were worth $47k. Kushner bought them from me and you (taxpayers) for $47k. For realzie, it’s no big deal.

    Missing booze that was given to Pompeo is a bigger deal.

  7. I gave my dad a sword when I was a younger man. He isn’t into sword shit, so I thought that was hilarious. To my surprise he brought it to work and hung it above his desk for intimidation purposes. Thought that was fun. I love my dad.

    Also, fuck Jared Kushner.

  8. This headline is misleading – these sort of gifts are very common. Around the world, and most countries make you declare and buy the gifts the same way Jared did.

    The only time its newsworthy is if they didn’t declare receiving the gift or taking without paying the correct compensation, which doesn’t appear to have happened here.

  9. To be fair, they weren’t meant to. The original message “Give him a few words, and warn of imminent danger if he doesn’t give us a better deal with America” was autocorrected.

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