Study reveals Android phones constantly snoop on their users

Study reveals Android phones constantly snoop on their users

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  1. Yup. Iphones, too. And every other computerized anything connected to the internet.

    We are not the customer, we are the product.

    They get us to pay admission to having our shit spied on.

  2. This study seems pretty silly to me. It has Google getting data from LineageOS phones. So I opened the actual report to see if they are calling out LineageOS for failing to DeGoogle things as promised. As I suspected they aren’t, instead on page 11 of their report they very sneakily show they are manually installing Google Apps on top of LineageOS.

    I would not count that as a point against LineageOS, LineageOS openly tells people they can install Google apps and get tracked by Google if they want but base LineageOS does not include it.

  3. Yeah, I thought this was pretty much common knowledge by now. If you have a cell phone, you should assume you’re being listened to and your movements tracked.

    And people get all worked up over fears of a chip in vaccines, while at the same time they have Siri constantly on board and are regularly “checking in” on Facebook.

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