Sixty Years of James Bonds Complaining About Their Jobs

Sixty Years of James Bonds Complaining About Their Jobs

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  1. To be honest, I don’t know why any actor would want to be Bond. Dare I say it really hasn’t helped the careers of any of the actors. You could argue Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, but I reckon they would have achieved the same heights without Bond. Connery especially as “Bond” wasn’t the franchise it is today. Craig’s star was made before Casino Royale. And his most interesting work has been outside of Bond.

    Roger Moore never really achieved greater heights after the role. George Lazenby, well nuff said. Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan had great careers but never the heights of when they played Bond. Again I would argue they would have had similar careers without the role, based on their talents as actors.

    The same goes for Bond villains. Unless you are already an established success, it isn’t really a help to your career.

    And for Bond girls, ironically the Bond girls may have had greater success after the role than most Bonds.

    Being Bond isn’t the rockship to stardom people think it is. The producers want someone they can control. Borderline abuse. And exploit. The Bond franchise may be the perfect example of the Hollywood system of exploitation for profit.

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