Rapid COVID-19 tests could lead to hundreds of false positive results: Hirji

Rapid COVID-19 tests could lead to hundreds of false positive results: Hirji

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  1. Excuses for not making tests easily available imho. Better than having false negatives. If the test comes back positive then it is time to go to the testing center and wait the day it takes to find out for sure. The rapid tests are much easier on kids. If your child is not feeling 100 percent in the morning they are not supposed to go to school which means a parent will have to stay home anyway. Tracking and tracing is important with kids that are as of yet unvaccinated. It is also important to try and get things back to as normal as possible.

  2. While rapid testing might identify half those previously undetected cases, which would be beneficial, he said screening that many people will also result in hundreds of false positive tests each week.

    “It will pick up seven new cases, but there will be 300 people who come back with a false positive,” Hirji said. “Those are children who are going to be told they can’t go to school. They have to stay home. Their parents are going to have to likely stay home, and the rest of their families, because now they’re close contacts to infection. All of their classmates would potentially have to stay home

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