Playing Virtual Reality Video Game May Boost Seniors’ Memory

Playing Virtual Reality Video Game May Boost Seniors’ Memory

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  1. I’m trying to get my old man into video games. He really doesn’t have a taste for them. But he’s losing his quality of life and many other hobbies so I figure they can’t hurt.


    He loves westerns so i know he’d love the Red Dead Redemption games if he ever got the hang of it. Wish i could figure out how to get him to realize this stuff could actually be really good for his mental health at his age. And i wish i could make the experience of learning games not frustrating for him. (not that i’m even starting him out on hard games, dude just has trouble reading/memorizing buttons layouts and such)


    then again, maybe it’s not for him. But i don’t think he knows that one way or the other.

  2. >The study involved 48 cognitively average older adults, with a mean age of 69 years. Half of the participants played Labyrinth-VR, while the other half, the placebo group, played regular commercial video games not expected to have beneficial effects on memory. All participants played for 12 hours over four weeks.

    >Participants were scored on high fidelity memory using a test that assessed recollection of previously seen objects. Those who played Labyrinth significantly improved their high-fidelity memory relative to the placebo group. In fact, **their high-fidelity memory was on par with that of players in their 20s**, based on prior testing of various demographic groups.

    This seems pretty significant to me for 12 hours over 4 weeks.

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