Many Canadians angry after election produces a $610M bill and not much change

Many Canadians angry after election produces a $610M bill and not much change

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  1. This is absolutely nothing. People have no clue.

    Our deficit was $348 billion last year.

    That’s $1 billion A DAY.

    That’s $40 million an hour..

    $700,000 every MINUTE.

    This election only cost 2/3 of ONE DAY of current debt accrual at current rates. We’re so fucked.

    But nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.

  2. He thought he was Roger Ramjet, hero of our nation, saving us all from the scourge of covid thinking he’d get a majority but in the end…he’s a buffoon exploiting the first past the post system yet again.


    Remove that archaic FPTP system and put in a true democratic system which reflects the will of all Cdns AND doesnt have value assigned for regions/seats by strictly Ont/Que. This isnt the old days. If BC and AB shut down the flow off goods/money…suddenly our value would spike. Western votes matter. Equal representation or piss off with this old fart shit.


    FIX IT

  3. If Canadians are really angry about the election happening during the pandemic, they could have voted for anyone other the Liberal.

    Kinda reflects how much people trust the Conservatives in keeping them safe in said pandemic.

  4. Maybe it’s voters that need to change. Maybe we all need to get out of the tribal hockey fan mindset and recognize the world doesn’t end when someone we don’t like wins, and that it’s good to change up our votes, or not vote, because governments need to be changed; because it’s not good to have the same party in power for 75 of the last 100 years, otherwise institutions corrupt and things just keep getting worse. Maybe we need to stop rewarding (or not, not punishing) cynicism and fear mongering. Maybe we need to start paying attention to issues, appreciating the nuances of everyone’s position on them, stop demagouging and insisting we have everything 100% our way or no way and learn the art of real compromise.

    I am not just talking the talk here. I am mostly a center right voter (read: true liberal), and I chose not to vote against our BC NDP government recently because I didn’t feel the party I usually voted for had learned anything during their time out l. And, even though I don’t like most of what the NDP stands for, I had to admit they’d done alright thus far. I wish Liberal/NDPers would do the same once in a while instead of insisting 1/3 of the country is irredeemably evil and sticking us with cynical people like Trudeau.

  5. Always funny seeing Con voters up in arms about electoral reform and election spending when things don’t go their way. Funny how none of them said anything about it when the polls had the cons up a few weeks ago. I’m an NDP guy so I’m a bit disappointed, but I’d take Trudeau over anyone the modern CPC can muster these days. It’s all about the grift with these guys.

    I have to wonder…are the particularly rabid Con voters aware of how partisan they are and don’t care so they can push their ideology? Or do they somehow resolve the double standard in their propaganda-addled brains? Tough to tell if they drink their own Kool-Aid.

  6. Man! That dastardly Trudeau just heaping $600M in a big ol’ pile and burning it like that! What kind of guy would do that?! Wowie huh? Man! The least he could have done is use that money to like *pay* people to safely run an election or something… and since they’re being paid, that money is also taxable, right? And hey, since people are being paid, do you think they’ll in turn use that money in their local economies, or is that all just yacht money?

  7. The whole 600 million thing is gonna get brought up by the opposition for awhile and it’s such bullshit because after the last election even Andrew scheer who was still leader talked about how minority governments don’t last very long and talked about how they would be ready for the next election.

    Everyone is mad about the election? Considering how little had changed I actually fucking doubt it. Conservatives are mad about the election? I absolutely believe that. At least Alberta will get a cabinet minister this time.

  8. Didn’t have to be this way. Trudeau could have stated that the pandemic wasn’t expected when he won in 2019. Since then, the Liberals have spent enormous sums of money and engaged in actions that some might find controversial, rights wise, in the name if keeping Canadians safe. Given how long its been and everything that has happened, I (JT) am going to the polls to find out if Canadians are okay with all this and to untie my hands to better deal with the pandemic going forward.

    But he didn’t, really. So it looks just like naked opportunism.

  9. The tangible change is that if the Libs left the election time run out, people would forget why CERB/CRB debt racked up, and the Conservatives lying talking points would add up and we would produce a lot of change, for a more expensive election -they cost more and more each year anyway- and we would be stuck with a lying through his teeth we got a plan, why is bilingualism a thing and why do women get access to abortion premier.

    In this political climate and FPTP, snap election make a lot of sense.

    Ask Harper.

    He was king of it, and king of proroguing the government to boot it all and nobody complained.


    Now we got a free rein government who can go about fighting vaccine hesitancy, conservatives lies and promoting some daycare stuff.


    TL;DR: People who think this was useless definitely did not follow Trudeau getting rocks thrown at him during this election because people were unhappy about his COVID mandate. Now Canadians gave him a clear covid mandate.

  10. The only angry Canadians I have talked to are Cons. They spent all that money on attack ads and phony polls etc. The ones I know went around clucking that they were giving Turdeau the boot and things were going to be great again. Now we have to put up with their whining for 4 more years. OToole should not have tied his ass to Kenney and his failed response to covid.

  11. Thank you for this thread. I’m so sick of people bitching about this election. We live in a country where we don’t have to fight tooth and nail for a voice. And why is it called a waste of time because the seats stayed the same? We, in this democracy, had the PRIVILEGE of changing that. And we chose not to.

    (I really don’t like FPTP and would like PR or ranked so how about the NDP and Bloc get on board that too. The NDP would greatly benefit…)

  12. The money spent on elections goes directly into local economies. Of the money spent by the government this is the best spending they do.
    It also forces the parties to spend the money they have been sitting on.

  13. Many Canadians are always angry. About 30% of them. And they wouldn’t have been complaining about the cost if the Conservatives won. But Canada has shown again that we want left leaning leadership.

  14. These are clearly people thinking only short term.

    1. They called an election to get a different result. No one truly knows an election result ahead of time, they go by polling.

    2. If the election was that deeply unpopular, people would not have voted liberal. The other parties made their arguments clear that they were unhappy about liberals calling this election.

    3) 610 million is a small price to pay for democracy. We should be very thankful for our functioning democratic system and protect it, not whine about the bill.

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