Liberals unveil $650 million “Spot the Difference” puzzle

Liberals unveil $650 million “Spot the Difference” puzzle

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  1. Normally I’m all for bashing Trudeau. However, even though the election call was purely political, consider that in the middle of a pandemic, with all the strain and challenges, and battles, we had a mostly peaceful campaign. And, we aren’t out protesting the results or believing in Chinese or Russian voting machine hacks. The biggest controversies were the line ups and, during the campaign, the very angry protests that were in one area.

    Definitely a lot of money, but I do think we all needed a bit of a reminder that Canada is supposed to be and can be a reasonable, moderate place.

  2. Some of the most vocal opponents of banning conversion “therapy” lost their seats in parliament during yesterday’s election:

    Derek Sloan, Nelly Shin, Alice Wong, Tamara Jansen, Bob Saroya, and Kenny Chiu

    So I don’t consider this election to be a waste.

  3. >“What we have accomplished today is nothing short of ‘historic’, in the sense of the word where it means similar to preceding events in history.”

    These guys are on fire lately lol

  4. the problem is that he not only wanted a majority (stupidly) but also wanted justification that Canadians are more or less happy with what he is been doing.

    Really his pandemic response has been pretty good, despite what opposition would have you believe. Lets hope now that they work TOGETHER rather than just being opposed to every action Trudeau takes.

    Other than the fringe minority, no one would actually suspect that the cons would do a better job. Living in Alberta during the pandemic, and my family in Ontario, I can say for sure that we REALLY dont want a conservative federal government right now. Lets talk again in a few years when this is over

  5. I don’t get all the conservatives complaining about this. you’ve been unhappy with Trudeau, don’t you want the opportunity for your party to take power? How is it Trudeau’s fault the Conservative party is currently a mess and didn’t have a hope in hell?

  6. > “The message from Canadians is clear, while they hated the idea of holding a snap election during a global pandemic, they are merely indifferent about having me as their Prime Minister. Which the Liberal party considers a win.”

    I thought this was supposed to be satire? 😂

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