Lee Hyori Confirmed To Host 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Lee Hyori Confirmed To Host 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards

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  1. My ultimate queen!!!!! Her 10 minutes performance with Big Bang was the talk of the town for weeks!!! And i remember her last MAMA appearance wearing a beanie she was/still is SO freaking pretty!! I hope she’ll perform!!!

  2. Yesssss Hyori ma’am, bring back the glory of the MKMF days! I so so so so SO wanna see a tribute medley to her with some other songs than the usual 10 Minutes/U Go Girl /CCBB. Like, come on guys, tackle Bad Girls, Miss Korea, Crazy, Hey Mr. Big, Toc Toc Toc, Get Ya, Shall We Dance…

    Also am I too hopeful for a Refund Sister reunion? Plzzz

  3. Oh hell yes!! I love Hyori.

    Please let this lead to SSAK3 performing for the first time infront of a live audience. Also it’d be fun to watch the Refund Sisters perform as well.

  4. I was getting tired of these actors who have got absolutely nothing to do with k-pop hosting end of the year award shows which are meant for k-pop. Finally, a female k-pop artist is gonna host MAMA!!! Let’s get it!!!

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