Lakhimpur Kheri is tipping point for Modi govt. Like Gandhi’s Chauri Chaura was for British

Lakhimpur Kheri is tipping point for Modi govt. Like Gandhi’s Chauri Chaura was for British

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  1. Honestly, BJP will lose (or find it difficult to win) the 2024 elections if they lose 3/5 states going for polls next year and number of seats reduce to less than 1/2 of current in UP

  2. These are far-fetched assumptions. People don’t care enough to remember this massacre.

    Half people are busy celebrating temple, 1/4th are asking genocide, and 1/4th are busy paying bills,taxes and struggling to live.

    After 75 years, we with our own hands surrendered our democracy.

  3. Something bad is coming for our country, Modi will remain in power unless diesel takes the prime minister’s seat, which we don’t know yet. Yes I am 100% sure, BJP will come with majority in 2024. Farmers law protest going on and again CAA-NRC is at halt. It’s either going to be a full disaster for our country or it will be like russia where democracy will remain just on paper.

  4. I get the larger point your making and maybe you meant Jallianwala Bagh not Chauri Chaura.

    Because chauri chaura incident triggered an abrupt end to the Khilafat Non-cooperation movement, working in favour of British.

    Ona lighter note… My only gripe was too much pre independence history in our syllabus, and not enough of the rest. But it’s kinda sad that folks can’t recall the basic stuff of the first of the 3 main Gandhian movements!

  5. Modi did more in 7 years than Congress did in 70 years :
    1. He f*cked up managing covid. Don’t forget the loved ones you lost due to him.
    1.a. sudden lockdown which proved disastrous for everyone especially migrant workers.
    1.b. spreading of misinformation like white on rice
    1.c. denied several times that he had f*cked up. People had to run on the streets to get their own oxygen. The government had left people on their own
    2. F*cked our economy, raw dogged it
    2.a. demonstration led to a recession from which we haven’t fully recovered yet
    2.b. GST just increased prices of lots of goods. And now you have to pay GST on lots of stuff you didn’t have to before
    2.c. Inflation go brrrr
    3. Increase in prices of commodities
    3.a. petrol and diesel prices are sky high
    3.b. Gas cylinder prices are quite high too 1k INR
    3.c. due to inflation, prices of goods and services has gone up in general
    4. Violation of fundamental rights several times, this is intolerable
    4.a. used UAPA to silence protests and critics
    4.b. Police brutality has become the new norm
    4.c. due to the misinformation spread by his party, people have turned on each other
    6.Increased communal tensions
    7. Violent incidents where he did nothing
    7.a. Lakhimpur kheri
    7.b. Several r*pe cases such as Hathras. He banned porn justifying that it would reduce rape.
    7.c. Denied that Chinese even entered India.
    8. New Farming Laws
    9. Used Army for his PR

  6. Public has short term memory.
    Hate sells
    Majority of public vote on emotions than be rational

    BJP will continue to be in power until the hate explodes into a riot and sufficient proportion of population understands that pain and suffering is same for all. Then good sense may return.

  7. I hope the tide turns in UP ’22

    For general elections in 2024 the is still no viable opposition strategy. Atleast with UP loss the bjpee won’t push yogi for pm anytime soon.

  8. I was 100% sure that BJP is going to lose in 2019 after Demo & their blunders, freedom of speech violation & my Dad was 100% sure that they will win with an even bigger vote bank.


    His point was, Congress is running on only 230 seats which are not enough to form a government, They have to make a coalition government which my dad was serious against as small parties can anytime pull out & reelection will waste a lot of money.T


    he third front in India is also limited to only South India & again no party is big enough to win majority seats to form a government, Here also coalition government will be formed & a power struggle will bring volatility & corruption. Third front & coalition government will bring end same 1996-1999 era of turmoil.


    Unless INC & UPA do a major shift in their policy, strengthen their roots & tell people what should change & start preparing for elections at minimum 375-400 seats alone, We are again going to see Modi in 2024.

    BTW – It was a bet & I lost & had to prepare breakfast for next 2 weeks. A proper breakfast.

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