Kim Minju has refused HYBE’s offer to join their girl group and instead pursue acting

Kim Minju has refused HYBE’s offer to join their girl group and instead pursue acting

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  1. girlboss. yes, the hybe group is gonna be massively popular but minju has *already* been in a top group and she knows what she’d be walking into if she signed with hybe. if she wants to walk the path to becoming a successful actress without having to go through the demanding schedules, intense fans and public outrage again, i get that. good for her.

  2. No one is surprised by this but the only asterisk here for me is Urban Works. Honestly I haven’t closely followed their management of other actors but it hasn’t been stellar from what others are saying. They are obviously less connected in the acting world than someone like HYBE as well considering the CJ ties.

    As far as Minju is concerned though I totally get it. She was sort of thrust into the idol role and dealt with so much shit because of it. I honestly think she loved specifically being a member of IZONE but wasn’t all that fond of idol life as a whole. The Parallel Universe Project has said that Urban Works was the most forward agency when it came to the relaunch (even if it was doomed from the get go). Minju probably felt like she would only continue with the idol life if it was as a part of IZONE.

  3. Y’all are forgetting how much more respect an actress/actor gets in Korea. Idols & Comedians are at the bottom of the respect list when it comes to entertainment industry.

    She has already lived the idol life. Has enough money to live a normal life while she ramps up her acting career. Actresses makes a lot more money than being an idol do, without all the stress and restrictions.

    Her situation reminds me of Ong, who also choose the acting path (while occasionally releasing a solo here and there).

  4. Not surprised. She’d already been acting before Produce and it seems that’s really her passion. I’m just glad that she’s doing what she wants to do despite everyone (presumably) telling her to remain as an idol. I, too, wanted her to be in a girl group hopefully with Kriesha, but this is what she wants and I’m happy for her. All the best wishes for my one-pick!

  5. Contrary to most comments here I’m not surprised – most visual idols tend to see KPop as a stepping stone to an acting career, since she’s already got her name out there in a career that is widely seen as easier (if you have some name recognition and connections ofc), there’s no reason for her to re-debut outside of having a true passion for it. I was more surprised that Sakura DID choose to stay in K-Pop, considering all her other options but she really seems to love being an idol.

  6. You know what, good for her. Acting is the goal for a lot of idols and good on her for grasping her dream when she had the chance. I’d have liked her in Hybe’s group sure, but I respect her for sticking to what she wants

  7. Waiting for Hybe statement “We cannot confirm the details, hope you can understand”

    Anyway, I’m happy for her. I saw a lot of hurtful comments saying Minju ~~and Hyewon~~ didn’t deserve to debut and judge her in all aspects of her idol career. I hope she’ll find a new happiness with the career she has chosen.

  8. This seems smart to me. She knows it’s what she wants in the future, she’s probably already received some offers and in five years she could be an established actress. Even if the Hybe group became the most popular group in the world that wouldn’t immediately mean she’ll walk straight into great roles, she would still have to work her way up. Hopefully it works out well for her.

  9. Smart move imo. Idol life sounds awful and she already went through it. There’s also no guarantee the gg will even be successful (nothing in life is) as we saw with post IOI groups.

  10. Damn she turned down such a big offer for acting under a company that has a bad rep when it comes to that. I wish she could pursue acting with a more reliable acting company than UB.

  11. She is going to have plenty of acting opportunities based on her popularity alone. If she is actually good she will be a household name very quickly there.

    The level of hate the members of this group are going to get is going to be insane so I don’t blame anyone at all for not wanting 7 years of that.

  12. According to the article discussions ended last month.

    I hope we’ll get an update on Sakura/Chaewon soon… Chaewon’s complete silence on sns is starting to annoy me lol.

  13. Honestly, fair f*cking play to her for turning down the chance to debut in what will undoubtedly be a huge girl group in favor of following her dreams! That takes guts!

  14. She knew what idols have to go through (Izone literally went through a full blown scandal) and I won’t blame her if she chooses to not be an idol anymore. She can still do featurings to Izone member’s solos though if she wants to, at least she won’t be that restricted.

  15. According to YTN news, Minju has reportedly refused joining HYBE’s upcoming girl group in order to pursue acting after discussions with Urban Works Entertainment.

    That’s crazy to me. She really turned down joining potentially a new big hit with a major line up. Not too mention she knows some of the members and already was in a group with them.

  16. Minju will go down in history as the girl who turned down the biggest offer in kpop history to follow her true passions.

    She turned down:

    – debuting together with Sakura and Chaewon

    – joining the biggest and most global kpop company, HYBE

    – being BTS’ first true little sister group

    – arguably the most hyped girlgroup debut since Blackpink

    Biggest respect for her

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