Jagmeet Singh’s priorities are now the wealth tax and adding nurses

Jagmeet Singh’s priorities are now the wealth tax and adding nurses

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  1. because taxing the countries 30 billionaires 1% is going to pay for all of the NDP’s promises /eyeroll.

    how do the NDP voters actually believe they can do all this spending without becoming the next venezuela?

  2. I’m sorry, why hasn’t the NDP forced him to resign? He’s lost two elections, and the elephant in the room (the NDP catastrophe in PQ where they refuse to admit the reason they lost is because he’s Sikh and PQ is highly anti-religious) seems to be oddly avoided by big media outlets as a point of discussion.

    Are the NDP serious about winning? I don’t think they are if they’re sitting down with Singh to plan their next strategy. Their strategy should be who replaces Singh, the two-time election loser and biggest ball and chain the NDP has ever had.

    But haha silly me, look at how much power the NDP has as a minority leverage tool for the Liberals!

  3. If he wanted to help ease the burden on our healthcare system he’d take a serious look into how birth tourism is affecting west coast hospitals instead of dismissing it outright as a racism issue.

  4. Singh and the NDP need to refocus their message to class consciousness. That is the only way the NDP will ever win IMO. Constantly saying “tax the rich” will never catch on to most people, he needs to, and the party needs to make aware of the level of disparity and how it’s exponentially growing. Most importantly, how they are getting screwed over with specifics he can point too.

    And this is coming from a Liberal voter.

  5. In addition to expanding programs within the country, they should focus on trying to attract more American Rn’s, especially in northern states. I can’t speak for all millennial U.S. nurses, but I think a lot of us have become disillusioned with our health care system, and our country in general (especially after Covid) and you could potentially bring in significantly more of us than usual with some targeted advertising, etc. Greater Montreal, Gta, Halifax (just to name a few) seem like great places to live for young , to early middle-aged people on an RN salary. (FAR from perfect, ofc.) The government should take advantage of that.

    I’m a Rn from New York. I currently have my eye on Montreal, and I think far more of my peers would be down for a similar move if they were more aware of the positives, and the process was more efficient / faster. I’m well aware that Canada isn’t some sort of social democratic Utopia, but I think the country, and the people, have a great deal to offer to foreign Nurses.

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