‘It was John who wanted a divorce’: McCartney sets the record straight on Beatles split

‘It was John who wanted a divorce’: McCartney sets the record straight on Beatles split

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  1. Any sane adult person can look at yoko and Johns relationship and see why the Beatles broke up. It’s a tale as old as time. Yoko was not stable and John thought she was something to be enamored with and was engrossed in the relationship to a detriment. I’m not picking sides. It’s just a fact of life. John choose yoko and her faults and then embraced his faults.

    I just feel that both of them choose their vices over the Beatles. Which regardless of ones personal taste, you can not ignore the lasting impact of the Beatles music and their talent and the endless possibilities of their fateful meeting that could have continued if destiny had not chosen John and yoko and their eventual demise.

    (On a personal note, I used to appreciate yoko ono but later in life I realize that without John Lennon’s name she would most likely be a homeless women screeching on subway platforms. I don’t mean this as an insult, just a a dramatic fact of life and the way things go; she has made the most of it and had an eventful and powerful artistic career.)

  2. That’s actually been acknowledged in their written history. John Lennon announced privately he would was done with the band for the foreseeable after *Abbey Road*, even skipping out on the last of that studio work. This as his Plastic Ono band took off.

    Paul McCartney made his breakup public with his *McCartney I* solo release, irritating the other 3 reportedly who wanted more publicity for the last Beatles album being released (*Abbey Road* the last produced but *Let It Be* the last released due to production). McCartney was also not happy with the *Let it Be* production and the new business arrangement with Klein .. all this after they successfully negotiated with Capitol for more share of future royalties.

    I can see where the general public gets confused as McCartney did the press if you watch the old film clips.

  3. Lennon’s songs are my favorite Beatles songs.

    But he was a narcissist. He beat his son and wife, and asserted Yoko and her influence over the rest of the band. It wasn’t even Yoko’s fault. John’s head got too far up his ass

  4. It’s interesting reading the comments and seeing who everyone thinks caused the split, who checked out when, or refused to be in the room with the others.

    For example, I’m 27 and had always been under the impression that it was John, and to some extent Yoko, who had broken the band up through a combination of wanting to do his own stuff and Yoko trying to pull him away. But I have heard the stuff about Paul pulling away too

  5. I always hesitate to check comments on anything Beatle related due to the huge amount of morons who think they know everything.. some of the most pretentious judgemental fools on here.

  6. I suspect this is common knowledge to the loyal that John was the first to break off from that most famous and fab of bands. Paul has certainly been vindicated in choosing his father-in-law for representative lawyering when it all went down: his advice has made Paul millions over the years. While the other 3 in following John and sticking with Klein regretted it almost immediately. His reputation is even worse now than back when he was merely considered a thug of some notoriety.

    Nice too, how nice Paul is to Yoko, though (considering how horribly she treated Julian and Cynthia Lennon in the past).

    The ‘Stones should have warned Lennon more clearly when he had asked about how Klein was as a manager. Jagger gave Lennon a ‘flippant’ reply. But the Stones eventually settled with Allan Klein in an acrimonious dispute in the late 6o’s and every time you hear ‘Satisfaction’ or ‘Paint it Black’, the royalties go to Klein. He has publishing ownership to this day: everything the Rolling Stones created between 1965-1969. Next to Stan Polley (Badfinger’s criminal manager), Klein is one of the most evil snakes the music industry has ever known.

    (Edit: clarity & spelling)

  7. We should normalize labeling John Lennon as an abusive dumb piece of shit who used the LOVE hippie movement as a way to stay relevant. Tbh I feel like Yoko was as much of a piece of shit as John was, especially after sleeping with John knowing he was married and wearing Cynthia’s clothes.

  8. I feel bad that like, 50 years later we’re still asking this guy what caused the split. He’s answered this so many times. He’s nearly 80, leave the guy alone about The Beatles splitting.

  9. If you push people and try and take control eventually they will decide they want out. Can you put blame on John when you create the hostile environment?

    Yoko sucks I’m just saying McCartney was a control freak. Just so happens that Harrison and Lennon aren’t around to defend themselves anymore and he’s changing the narrative before he goes, the two guys who would have the most to say about this.

  10. The Beatles were always going to break up. It was inevitable. They got together when they were children. Hell, when they broke up, not a single one of them was even 30 yet! (Mind blowing to think about, really)

    They grew up. They grew in different ways. How many people can say they’re the same person at 30 that they were at 18 or 22? Not many. They wanted to do different things. Lennon had outgrown the Beatles. ~~Paul wanted to do mindless, generic pop music~~. John wanted to expand into topics that didn’t fit within the confines of the Beatles. As John put it, “Paul said, ‘Come and see the show’. I said, ‘I read the news today, oh boy.’”

    There’s really no big mystery to it all. They simply grew apart. It’s no different than many married couples, especially those that married young.

    Edited and explained in my comment below.

  11. What a surprise said no one. We all kind of knew this from previous stuff even things from John himself. It’s fine the guys lived so much together from their late teens through their 20s it makes sense to need some space after that. I mean did you still hang out with your college friends when you turned 30?

  12. So the angry, controlling guy was angry and controlling. Why do people hate yoko so much? Is that some hidden racism/sexism thing? Seems like all of that was always inside John, she just helped him express it without physical violence. Generally viewed as a good thing.

  13. Didn’t John Lennon beat his son so hard he ruptured his ear drum, and wasn’t he abusive to yoko ono? Sometimes I think about how people have rightfully canceled Chris brown but not John Lennon. Edit Lennon also publicly admitted he hits women.

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