Flipkart user ordered iPhone 12 for ₹53k, got Nirma soap bar instead

Flipkart user ordered iPhone 12 for ₹53k, got Nirma soap bar instead

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  1. This must suck for the buyer, hopefully they get the iPhone or the money back.

    But honestly I’ve shopped for more than 50+ items from Amazon / Flipkart in last 30 days itself, never experienced any thing bad as of now.

  2. This exact thing happened with my brother also a few years back, the only difference was that he had ordered an iPhone 7 or 8.
    At least these guys are consistent in using the nirma soap

  3. If they keep removing features from smart phones, (headphone jack, fast charger, earphones,storage) and selling it like add-ons next base iphone 20 will be less useful than a bar of soap

  4. Most likely it was a returned item (in case it was purchased for a reputable seller). somebody ordered it, kept the device then repacked and returned it.

    Usually such expensive devices have open box delivery, I don’t think it is optional.

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