Firefox now shows ads as sponsored address bar suggestions

Firefox now shows ads as sponsored address bar suggestions

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  1. I’ll just turn that off, sigh, and continue to smh at any browser built by from the all-seeing eye of Google.

    Let the plebs for the development, that’s the sad cynical reality.

    Just like how your mom probably had a slutty phase in her youth, all dreams eventually get crushed by the boot of mundane society.

  2. Well, there’s still Brave which seems good.

    It was a matter of time before Firefox would betray their mission ; it’s not greed it’s just normal to request a revenue after a while. I would’ve really like it if they were begging for money like wikipedia. I give 2$/month to wikipedia, I would gladly do the same for firefox instead of getting any tracking / ads. Maybe 2$ is super low for a software as big as firefox tho. But showing ads seems counter-intuitive on firefox given that their mission is to protect our privacy, I thought

  3. Per the article:

    “To toggle Firefox Suggest and change the types of suggestions showing up at any time, you have to click the menu button ​ and go to Settings > Privacy & Security on the left, and then go down to the Address Bar — Firefox Suggest section.

    To enable or disable contextual suggestions, select or deselect the checkbox next to Contextual suggestions. To toggle traditional address bar suggestions like Firefox Suggest results from browsing history and bookmarks, you will have to check or uncheck their associated checkboxes.”

    It can be toggled off, it takes 4 clicks to get there from the hamburger menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > Address Bar — Firefox Suggest (Include occasional sponsored suggestions).

    This is enabled by default though, and they do not offer a clear way to determine what results were provided by sponsored suggestions, so we should definitely be submitting feedback (under Help > Submit Feedback).

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