Doctors condemn plans for packed arenas in reeling Alberta –

Doctors condemn plans for packed arenas in reeling Alberta –

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  1. I have to return to this god forsaken province at the end of October. I don’t want to go but custody of kid demands!

    My ex is an anti vaxxer living in Edmonton and I’m super afraid for my living there. Kid is a whopping 6 years old

  2. >Dr. Gibney said Alberta’s newly released proof-of-vaccination cards, which fans will use to gain entry to NHL games, are editable PDF documents.
    “It’s so incredibly easy to forge it’s almost worthless,” he said.

    They could not simply ask Quebec for their app code and adapt it quickly?

    A PDF doc is ridiculous, any 12yo can edit that at school

  3. What are the other Canadian NHL teams doing or does that not matter?

    Alberta hospitals are being over run by unvaccinated rural idiots for the most part the cities are doing much better.

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