Democracy biggest hindrance to growth, says billionaire investor

Democracy biggest hindrance to growth, says billionaire investor

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  1. Tbh a dictatorship with an altruistic intelligent dictator would be best ofc. All those compromises or short term vision and short term plans suck. Sadly we cannot trust people like that.

  2. Fat overly wealthy assholes – now they really are the hindrance to growth – because – those greedy fucks already own everything. And they pass it on to their kids – who pay no taxes on their inherited income – while the rest of us dumb fucks pay taxes on our non-inherited incomes.

    We really don’t need the wealthy.

  3. Corporations: if only we could not pay workers, no benefits, didn’t have to pay taxes, and could dump and pollute and kill all we wanted we could finally make the profits we deserve!

  4. The absolute best form of government is a dictatorship with an intelligent, benevolent dictator, with a team that can research any issues.

    And that’s always exactly how it ends up…

  5. Well, good luck with that experiment in India. We’re all rooting for you.

    Just keep it within your borders until you’re ready to publish the results and have it peer-reviewed, ok?

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