Dave Chappelle Gets Standing Ovation Amid Netflix Special Controversy: “If This Is What Being Canceled Is, I Love It”

Dave Chappelle Gets Standing Ovation Amid Netflix Special Controversy: “If This Is What Being Canceled Is, I Love It”

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  1. First he is being canceled

    Second all the trolls claiming they’re marginalized yet are super toxic here. Yeah you should be marginalized. You wannabe tyrants are gonna wreck havoc if you’re given any power in society. There’s a reason you’re marginalized. You’re in conflict with you’re born with. That self hatred will extend to constituents (straight men id guess first before going towards straight women).

    Buzz off and stay down.

  2. You wanna talk about power. Being able to say whatever you want knowing you can’t get cancelled. That’s power. What an interesting phenomenon. Just goes to show that people can appreciate social commentary & exposure of nonsense & in some cases the lobbies can’t do a damn thing

  3. Here’s the loop hole to cancel culture tucked in the middle of the comments that no one will read: If you get canceled and don’t want to be, you just simply push back and say “no I’m not canceled actually.” And you won’t be canceled. You can never be fully canceled if you don’t ever cancel yourself.

  4. The number of people getting upset and offended by his standup is hilarious. They’re just all perfectly ok letting the world know they’re overly sensitive soft fools. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s a comedy show. Quit being a bunch of whiny bitches. It’s embarrassing.

  5. He’s a comedian, comedians fight to be controversial. Not sure what Chapelle said, I’m sure it’s grotesque but that’s his job. Not defending him, he should receive backlash for brash comments but still that’s what the guy set out to do

  6. I just watched it and it was awesome in the real sense of the word. Take the entirety of the show in with an open heart and tell me this man is causing harm — I don’t believe it. Perhaps you object to his phrasing or choice of words, but that would be missing the point. Check it out for real, seriously.

  7. “Im team TERF”

    “Gender is a fact”

    “I miss the old-school gays … the Stonewall gays.”

    Tell me you don’t know shit about Stonewall without telling me you don’t know shit about Stonewall.

  8. the term cancel culture is thrown around so liberally that it’s become quite a fucking joke. nobody is “cancelling him,” he’s going to be filthy rich and have millions of fans no matter what he does. he’s being a whiny piece of shit because the people that his jokes attack don’t find them funny.

  9. Dave chapelle is one of the few people that can’t get cancelled. Someone should do some sort of PHD dissertation on comedians , social commentary & how it’s socially acceptable for them to say “ politically incorrect “ stuff. It’s almost like he’s invincible at this point from any haters

  10. No one is mentioning Clifford, or addressing that the reactionaries ” Just. Don’t. Listen.” And of course he was right. Here we are in the thick of it with quoted lines without context of the larger point he’s making, which I believe is that people are complex and at times contradicting.

    Can someone be a feminist, which he defines for the audience as “~a person who believes women should have equal rights,” and call a woman a “bitch”?

    His point, which I agree, is yes they can. And denying that people aren’t perfect and can only be 100% with it, is just too dogmatic and will repel more than it attracts people to social causes and movements.

  11. Is this /r/selfawarewolves material? Because yes. That’s the point. Criticism isn’t canceling. If I decide that Chapelle’s comedy has lost the plot for me and I stop watching his stuff I haven’t canceled him any more than I canceled Megadeth when Risk came out. I heard what they’re doing, decided it wasn’t for me anymore, and moved on with my life. For some people who may have felt a stronger parasocial bond they feel obligated to shout “fuck you” on their way out of the room. That’s not canceling either. That’s just your fans voicing a perceived betrayal, the legitimacy of which is very obviously up for debate.

    Canceling is what happened to Donahue and The Dixie Chicks for criticizing the Iraq war. It’s what Harvey Weinstein did to Mira Sorvino, Ashley Judd and countless others. It’s what Don Ohlmeyer tried to do to Norm MacDonald. It’s not a few million people being mad enough at you to stop watching your stand-up or, as was more the case with Ricky Gervais, when most of America slowly realizes that you’re not particularly funny without Stephen Merchant’s help.

    I watched Dave’s last special. I haven’t seen this one and I probably won’t because of my experience of the last one. I gave up on Dave because he stopped in the middle of said special to fan the flames of a personal beef which was uncomfortable sure but, much more egregious for a comedy show, fucking *boring*. That shit was cringe every time Axl Rose did it in the 80s and 90s and it’s cringe now. There’s very little in this world lamer to me than a millionaire in their 50s too stubborn to see someone about their operational defiance disorder. I’m sorry but I just can’t take the “comedian as truth teller” nonsense seriously if y’all mfs keep having tantrums like children.

  12. I think Chappelle is a good comedian and talented guy but starting most jokes by saying ‘now, you’re not supposed to say this anymore’ or ‘this will probably get me cancelled’ is such a lame crutch. There’s having the courage of your convictions and there’s pretending you’re being victimised for them, which that schtick falls under. It’s boring. Just say what you want and stop framing it around people who have a different opinion. That’s not controversy. It’s subjectivity.

  13. Funny how he is cancelled still performing hugely popular and lucrative shows.

    The more I see all these highly successful, working comedians get “cancelled”, the more I believe crying “cancel culture!” is a grift to endear them to a new audience buys into that crap.

    I like his material, but this disingenuous tactic is beneath him.

  14. I’m a leftie and generally I think the notion of cancellation is for a certain subset of the right and left-you can probably figure that out. It stands to reason that transgression is pretty funny to me if it has a point. Dave’s nailed this throughout his career, and generally that’s what good comedy does overall-pointing out truths while making you laugh your ass off.

    But here he’s just whiffing. The TERF posturing in his sets comes across as punching down. Fair point that there’s a problem with white queer advocacy in the same way that white liberals fail their non-white counterparts, and that it can be reactionary and over-sensitive, but being antagonistic isn’t doing his point any good…if that’s his point.

    There’s a great article this week from Craig Jenkins at Vulture that pretty much nails the idea: Dave has so many amazing points to make that are infinitely more funny that that segment of his sets that he circles back around to, again and again and again. But he’s playing the attention game, and it works. He we are talking about it, but it’s a dumb way to do it, even if his own personal actions prove otherwise.

  15. I watched the special.

    He made some great points about intersectionality, even though he didn’t seem to know that’s what he was doing. And he does a great job of pointing out how different social equality movements are treated differently. He has moments of being earnest.

    But there were so many times when he was purposefully using hurtful language for a laugh, and he seems so extra pleased with himself for getting away with it, or something. Getting a laugh because you keep calling people bitches, and the laugh just comes from the shock value of the word… it feels lazy and petulant.

    He’s walking this weird line of being self-aware enough to know that his words have truly hurt people, then saying “and I’m going to keep doing it! Na-na-na-boo-boo!” Like saying “Can you believe people think I hate women?…I’m a feminist… now suck my dick, bitch!” (Not an exact quote, but you get the idea).

    He made some excellent, smart, valid points, but it also felt like he kept talking about other people’s criticisms of him while purposefully missing their point.

  16. How many specials are going to be 40 minutes of dude complaining about people being mad at his unfunny trans jokes? Can someone send this dude some recent headlines so he can write new jokes?

  17. I loooove Dave, but it’s getting old hearing Comedians talk about cancel culture. How many comedians have been “canceled” for what they’ve said? Roseane and Kathy Griffin are the only ones I can think of off the top. It’s seems like a non issue that they’ve high jacked to play victims (and for more on stage content).

  18. My problem with Dave is he’s turned into a whiny little bitch hypocrite.

    From the “I signed a bad contract and [streaming providers] are mean because they won’t give me what I’m not entitled to.”

    Now it’s “I’ll make fun of any marginalized group I want but if you were to do it about my marginalized group (which is why he walked away from the Comedy Central deal) then you’re the worst ever (as only he is allowed to profit off bigoted jokes.”

    I’m all for edgy comedy that insults bigotry (I love blazing saddles and chappelles show), but I can’t stand greedy hypocrites, which is what Dave has become.

  19. It’s fascinating observing the slow evolution, the last 15 or so years, in the way the general public perceives jokes. Jokes no longer stand on their own, or exist solely to get a laugh, jokes *must* reflect some kind of truth that the person who’s saying it holds. It didn’t used to be that way.

    Anthony Jeselnik (is that how you spell his last name?) had an interesting take on this new social environment in relations to stand up comedy. He said something along the lines of the new environment being a good thing because it forces comedians to be even more clever/witty and less lazy with their writing to win over the crowd.

  20. Man what a hero!
    He leaves Hollywood because of abusive shit from people with power and then spends years shitting on literally the weakest people in society.
    He’s so funny and brilliant!

  21. Things Chappelle is good at:

    Stand up comedy

    Things Chappelle is bad at:

    Understanding gay culture and making jokes about it.

    Dave’s comedy is now entirely about one single issue that he simply refuses to legitimize. He’s using school yard bully comedy as a weapon to wage war against his Twitter enemies, and unfortunately this is how he’ll be remembered.

  22. Bill Burr had a really good point about comedians being canceled; you can’t really cancel them. “What are they going to do? Say I can’t stand in front of a mic somewhere and film it?”

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