Curious Case of Rakesh Tikait: From Vociferous Critic of BJP for 10 Months to ‘Trouble-shooter’ in Lakhimpur Kheri

Curious Case of Rakesh Tikait: From Vociferous Critic of BJP for 10 Months to ‘Trouble-shooter’ in Lakhimpur Kheri

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  1. To me it seems like there was some fuck up from the farmers side as well, which probably led to the unfortunate incident.

    There is no way these farmer leaders would have agreed to a compromise so soon.

    BJP is incredibly shrewd in these matters and won’t mind firing the home minister for the actions of his son. They will get some goodwill as well just before the elections.

  2. > The demands were negotiated after a series of rounds of talks between Tikait, the families and the government. The families earlier wanted the arrest of the minister’s son and expulsion of the Union minister but finally did not insist and agreed for the autopsies. Tikait was allowed entry into Lakhimpur late on Sunday night by administration while all politicians were blocked.

    > On Tuesday, however, the compromise seemed to fall through as all four families refused to cremate the bodies. The night earlier, RLD leader Jayant Choudhury had managed to visit these families while Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Akhilesh Yadav are said to have spoken to the families on phone.

    > The families on Tuesday insisted that the minister’s son be arrested first and all bodies must undergo an autopsy again as no bullet-wounds were reflected in the first autopsies. A TMC delegation of Sushmita Dev and Dola Sen also reached the families by afternoon, and a resolution seemed tough.

    > **But enter Tikait again. He visited all four families during the day and held talks with them again, upon which three of the families agreed for the cremation to be held in the evening, in what was a big relief to the government.**

  3. > “The role played by Tikait is very strange. He was the only one allowed entry into Lakhimpur by the UP government. It was very surprising that the families agreed to a Rs 45 lakh compensation and gave permission for a post-mortem without pressing upon for the arrest of the Union minister’s son who has in fact not been arrested even till now. Our conversations with the families show they just listened to Tikait,” an opposition leader told News18, wishing to remain anonymous on this issue.

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