Chinese citizen who wrecked Waterloo house in crash avoids deportation

Chinese citizen who wrecked Waterloo house in crash avoids deportation

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  1. $200k damage to the house… unless there’s more house than we see in the frame of the photo, then it’s a complete write-off. A house of that size is worth maybe $175k (most of the value in property is in the land deed),

  2. Who is responsible for Canada’s lax sentencing? Is this an overarching methodology that could be revised by legislation within the federal parliament? Or policy coming from an authority that can be replaced? Is there a party I can vote for that is inclined to make any such changes?

  3. Canada’s broken ass Justice System has always been soft for vehicle offenses. Foreigner or not it doesn’t surprise me at all. A lot of people comment with DUI or Hit and Runs, that if you want to get away with murder get drunk and don’t miss with the car. Resonates because the punishments are always a slap on the wrist.

    I lost faith when this dumb bitch ECE Teacher from Markham hit an acquaintance’s Father and drove off as a hit and run. She then filed a fake police report and insurance claim saying she hit something other then a HUMAN. She got 9 months house arrest during lockdown in Ontario for hit and run which resulted in the death of a person.

  4. > And the man will likely be on the hook in civil court for damage to the house.

    Let me get this straight. He still hasn’t accepted responsibility for the damage to the house. He could still fight it in civil court. Or, decide it’s not worth it and leave the country once he graduates.

    > It may have been difficult to prove the charges at trial because police downloaded data from the SUV without a search warrant, court was told. A judge could have ruled the data inadmissible.

    You don’t need a car’s data to prove he was driving at an insane speed – he drove *through* a brick wall and collapsed the roof of the house. This is not possible to do at anywhere near legal speeds for a residential neighborhood.

    Decisions like this make a mockery of Canada. And now we have a precedent that deportation is inappropriate for reckless disregard of laws.

  5. Just exposes the constructor and the type of materials they use.We’re having houses build from plywood.In Europe they use concrete,brick and a concrete slab foundation.This wouldn’t have happened on a house like that.We’re being cheated with houses being build from cheap materials

  6. Wait, so the Humboldt driver Jaskirat Singh Sidhu is facing deportation despite the fact he was following all traffic rules, not impaired or on his phone, and the only reason he even blew the stop sign was because a tarp was loose on the back of his truck. The biggest contributing factor to the crash was that he had only a few weeks of training before being sent out on his own.

    Meanwhile, this guy wrecks a house after driving 200kph for no good reason, and he gets spared deportation for no good reason.

    As the son of immigrants, this idiot needs to be deported. Many immigrants here are afraid of even getting minor traffic tickets because they think it might lead to deportation or problems when they apply for PR or citizenship. My grandfather came in 1967 and since then he’s only had 2 tickets, 1 for speeding in 1987, and one for running a red light in 2019. Then there are people like this who clearly don’t give a shit. We have enough born Canadian citizens with this mentality, we don’t need immigrants with the same.

  7. Justice Thomas McKay and Crown prosecutor Tatiana Nickorick have failed the Canadians they are supposed to serve. Extremely disappointing that someone’s status of a foreigner puts him above justice.

  8. [As conditional discharge is considered to be an extraordinary or particular sentencing measure, it can only be awarded in case of specific or eligible offences. It can also be granted in case the judge hearing the application deems that the requested discharge is in yours as well in the best interests of the public.](

    [730 (1) Where an accused, other than an organization, pleads guilty to or is found guilty of an offence, other than an offence for which a minimum punishment is prescribed by law or an offence punishable by imprisonment for fourteen years or for life, the court before which the accused appears may, if it considers it to be in the best interests of the accused and not contrary to the public interest, instead of convicting the accused, by order direct that the accused be discharged absolutely or on the conditions prescribed in a probation order made under subsection 731(2).](

  9. Quite obvious judge took a bribe.. typical of foreign nationals to engage in influence peddling cause it’s the norm back home.. judicial system is weak cause Judges and Prosecutors are on the take cause the defendant literally bought his way out of deportation.. imo

  10. I think these are the Canadian values that Trudeau is talking about that we are refining. If they come from money, and are sponsored by the CCP then they can do whatever they want in this country.

  11. He was doing 200km/hour.


    >“The vehicle had crashed through the brick wall and foundation and was firmly lodged within the home,” said Crown prosecutor Tatiana Nickorick.
    >Emergency workers set up supports “to prevent the house from collapsing as the floor and ceiling had caved in,” she said.
    >Residents, including children, were inside the house.

    Somebody could have quite easily been killed.

    >“There will be huge financial consequences to you because of this,” the judge said.

    For his parents. Huge financial consequences for his parents. Does this asshole judge actually think a 22 year-old college student bought a BWM SUV with his own money?

  12. Does this not set a precedent?? As a Canadian citizen if I am charged with a crime such as this and sent to jail does this not infere with my freedoms and my ability to continue my life, so my charge should be thrown out too right???

  13. I wonder if not being deportrd is helpful for the homeowner as it allows them to pursue him in civil court. If he got deported there is no way the homeowner is ever going to get the money back for his house.

  14. The people we want least in this country are those who don’t care enough about others to obey our laws. This “accident” was no accident, and is the definition of dangerous driving. Deport them and ban them from Canada for life.

  15. Hope his family is rich cause those house owners ans their insurance are going to go after him for every penny it costs to fix the house which I imagine would be 10s of thousands and I doubt civil courts will side with the driver.

  16. > ‘Because he is a foreign national, a conviction under the Criminal Code for dangerous driving would make him inadmissible and be deported’

    Shouldn’t that be a feature of convicting someone with this kind of brain dead behavior?

  17. The fact that he would have been deported should not have played in the decision.

    This is ridiculous as a Canadian citizen probably would have scored some jail time and have a permanent criminal record while a foreigner not only won’t go to jail but won’t either have a criminal record… This is unfair!

  18. > A young Chinese citizen, who admitted driving almost 200 km/h moments before his SUV crashed through the brick wall of a house with people inside, will not be deported.

    > “Because he is a foreign national, a conviction under the Criminal Code for dangerous driving would make him inadmissible and be deported,” defence lawyer Robbie Tsang said in Kitchener court. “A conditional discharge would allow him to continue his life here in Canada.”

    > The 22-year-old university student, who has lived in Canada since 2013, pleaded guilty and was given a conditional discharge.

    > He was banned from driving for three years, fined $4,000, plus surcharges, and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. While on probation for two years, he must take a course on safe driving. And the man will likely be on the hook in civil court for damage to the house.

    > Seconds before the crash, according to data downloaded from the BMW SUV, the vehicle was travelling 198 km/h. Speed at impact was 100 km/h.

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