Britney Spears To Grill Dad Jamie Under Oath Over Claims He Spied On Her.

Britney Spears To Grill Dad Jamie Under Oath Over Claims He Spied On Her.

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  1. Happy to ear this.

    So even with a conservatorship people have the right for privacy. He could control if she can get pregnant right?

    This is so sick. You cannot make people respect the law when you fill someone with dementia and that same someone is making live shows and series.

    This was the slave of the modern times, if she don’t work well you can have the audacity to say that she is not working well, so you need to have more rights.

    I swear. Every time that I read something about this, I think: “Naaaa, it cannot be so bad”

    But it is.

  2. Anyone else listen to the Spotify, “the daily” podcast on this issue? Remember the “highly sensitive” audio recording taken from Britney’s bedroom surveillance that needed to be destroyed ASAP?
    Wtf was that about?

  3. Did anyone else get kind of off put by some of her titles when all this came out? Like “Work Bitch” and “I’m a Slave 4 U”, great songs but looking back it’s kinda fucked up.

  4. If she is a person with certified mental problems, she should not be driven by lawyers into the next legal fight. – I guess someone will drain a lot of money from her in the future as well.

  5. >On the way out, Britney’s dad demanded $3 million to cover various legal fees.

    These leeches have already stolen so many years of Britney’s life and so much of Britney’s earnings by holding her prisoner, and now that they’re losing their control, they are dragging every single step of the way.

    It’s like they’re determined to keep their hands on her throat in whatever capacity possible until they’re forcibly pried off. It’s absolutely monstrous.

  6. Every entity and person involved in this conservatorship should be criminally investigated. It is impossible to believe Britney is only worth 60 million. Some major fraud and theft is underfoot.

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