BLACKPINK Will No Longer Accept Gifts, Asks Fans to Give to ‘Places in Need’

BLACKPINK Will No Longer Accept Gifts, Asks Fans to Give to ‘Places in Need’

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  1. Why are the comments so negative? If they continued to receive gifts no one would’ve talked about it or been mad like how no one cares about the other idols that still receive gifts, but now that they stopped that’s when they get hate for not stopping sooner?

  2. Idk why the og post got deleted but I’ll just reiterate my comment, I thought they stopped in 2017? Its about time tho idk why some people are so mad at them as if Chanyeol, Sehun, Joy, and others don’t all still receive gifts from fans they dont need

  3. i think some fan gifts are really sweet tho. a fan made jennie a custom light fixture that spelled her name and she has it in her room on her youtube videos. i understand wanting to limit the luxury gifts though. at the end of the day idols never ask for gifts it’s usually just desperate fans wanting attention by gifting them something crazy expensive.

  4. As I said in the previous post: After 5 years? Long after the overall tide had turned on accepting lavish fan gifts?

    Was releasing Money the final tipping point in realising how terrible the optics were of the four of them posing with a frame full of luxury gifts when rookies are debuting and refusing gifts out of the gate?

  5. honestly thats really good. alternatively groups could also keep all the gifts they receive untouched and donate them to places in need. like. make an announcement that all gifts will be donated from now on or something

  6. This is happening all over now that airtags have made remote tracking easy and affordable using the best engineered technology out there… Someone could end up doing a lot of damage with a tracking device hidden in a gift. Hope more companies follow suit.

  7. Only 5 years after their debut? lol, they’ve been receiving astronomically expensive gifts for YEARS. It never made sense to me that fans were gifting ridiculous luxury items to these girls when they’re making plenty of money and are ambassadors for luxury brands. Popular celebrities don’t need their fans giving them anything; they get plenty of free shit from brands already.

  8. As they should

    Other 3rd gen groups should follow suit,there’s no reason for one of the biggest 3rd gen female idols,from a big 3 group to be receiving more than a million $ worth of gifts in her 7th year after debut

  9. This should have honestly happened a long time ago, but I guess it’s better late than never from their management team. It just never made any sense for fans to gift expensive things to people who are already multi-millionaires. It’s probably quite uncomfortable for some idols as well having to receive gifts.

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