Biden administration reverses Trump-era move that shut out Planned Parenthood from federal family-planning program

Biden administration reverses Trump-era move that shut out Planned Parenthood from federal family-planning program

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  1. These attacks on Planned Parenthood are grotesque. 96% of the work they do is not related to abortions. They provide so many critical services from cancer screening and to contraception that otherwise would never be provided to people in poorer communities. They are literally a life line. Literally saving lives.

  2. Planned Parenthood supplies women with so many services besides abortions. They provide help with Breast Exams, Cervical Cancer Screenings, Colposcopy, Cryotherapy, Incontinence, Infertility, LEEP, Mammogram Referrals, Menopause Testing and Treatment, Pap Tests, Sexual Response Education, UTI Testing and Treatment, Vaginal Infections Testing and Treatment, STD Treatments, and Birth Control.

  3. Considering that PP provides access to cancer screenings, std screenings and treatments, birth control and related education, maternity care, family counselling, and more, this is good. Only roughly 4% of what they do involves abortion, and even then they always offer access to alternatives first; counselling and other resources, and both open and closed adoption. They actually _prevent_ some abortions.

  4. Because it’s far easier to tear down a house than it is to build one, we’re stuck in a perpetual state of fixing less in 8 years than Republicans can destroy in 4.

  5. I remember PP helped us get through a tough time during our early days with our marriage where we had such low income. This had nothing to do with abortion but PP helps with free pap smear and other health checks especially when you have no insurance and almost no income. They saved us taking care of a woman’s health and promoting family planning especially when you are poor. They give free contraceptives which helps many young low income families to safely enjoy life without the risk of having baby when you are not ready.

  6. I just had to go to planned parenthood for a breast cancer referral and I can’t begin to describe how wonderful they were when I was so scared. What kind, amazing people who were so patient when I could barely speak. They are an absolute resource to our community and we should support them any way we can.

  7. Democrats need to do more then reverse rules. Biden should have used his powers to push a massive amount to them. Set them up to be able to easily live through 2 or more Republican presidents in a row.

  8. Now reverse Trump tax cuts, Trump border policies, and Trump’s cuts to government emergency funding. Barely taking the one-step forward of the four steps back from the last administration.

  9. “Tried” would be a better title. It’s the “Hyde” amendment and, it only bans funding for abortions. 80+ percent of what “Planned Parenthood” does is woman’s healthcare, having nothing to do with abortion, and, they get government funding for that.

  10. On the other hand, Manchin has just said that the Hyde Amendment will be included in any reconciliation package that’ll have his vote, and that it’s one of his “red lines”

    Also said he’s fine with doing the debt ceiling with reconciliation and won’t touch the filibuster over it, so we’re gonna default and the economy is gonna absolutely tank again 🙁

  11. > The Biden administration took a major step to support abortion providers around the country with a decision officially reversing a Trump-era rule banning clinics that receive federal family-planning funding from referring patients for abortion services.

    > The decision on Monday reversed a move undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in February 2019 that changed Title X rules which govern federal funding for reproductive health services and family planning for low-income Americans.

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